Baby Swim Ring Underarm


Baby swimming underarm circle

Double snap firm design

Easy buckle _ on can firmly lock both sides of the air bag like a mother to embrace the baby swimming in the water

1 upper snap

2 lower snap

Double independent airbags double buoyancy insurance, double layer safety

1. Upper independent airbag

2. Lower independent airbag

Inside folded wrap edge, do not press the skin

Contact with the skin position using the internal folding hem process, splicing rounded burr-free, soft and skin-friendly, baby more comfortable.

Soft and skin-friendly, baby more comfortable

The baby’s hand activities more flexible underarm concave design to fit the baby’s body shape, increase the comfort, so that swimming is not constrained, free to swim.

Make the swimming is not constrained, free position to improve the baby’s interest in swimming.

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Product parameters

Name material

Baby swimming underarm ring quality 6P environmental protection PVC

color: Blue, yellow


Inside diameter: 15cm

Inside diameter: 17cm

15cm: 10-30 months

17cm: 2-6 years old

Note: The above is manual measurement data, and inflatable saturation, there is a certain error, the recommended age is the normal range of reference data for babies, for reference only



1、This product is not life-saving equipment, only for infants under adult supervision in shallow water; do not contact with high-temperature fire, sharp, corrosive objects.

2、Please consult your pediatrician before swimming for your baby, and check if there are any contraindications that are not suitable for infants;

3, if the baby is allergic to PVC plastic material, please stop using immediately; 4, baby swimming in about 10 minutes after each feeding, 1-2 days once, water temperature 36-38 ° C, room temperature 22- 26 ° C;

5, please do not over-inflate, inflatable placed 20 minutes after use

Additional information


Blue, Yellow


15cm, 17cm


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